What Are Pheromone Perfumes? All You Need To Know!

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Pheromone perfumes are products that claim to inspire sexual attraction and attractiveness in those who smell them. Pheromone perfumes typically contain synthesized or animal versions of chemical compounds naturally produced by the human body.

The desire to be sexually attractive to the opposite gender is a common and age-old desire that Pheromone Perfume brands claim to fulfill.

And as someone who has been in the fragrance industry for quite a while, the craze surrounding pheromone perfumes seems to be a trend that just won’t go away.

So are these fragrances all of what they seem, and do they make people fall in love with them? Or is it just the latest scam in the fragrance industry? Read this little article I wrote, to find out everything there is to know, and whether or not you should buy one.

What Are Pheromones?

Before we can really deep dive into pheromone perfumes, we must first get a better understanding of what a ‘Pheromone’ even is.

Pheromones are chemical substances produced by animals and insects that are used for communication between members of the same species. They can elicit a response or behavior in the receiver, such as marking territories, identifying family members, and of course, attracting sexual partners.

There are many popular examples of pheromones that can be found all across the animal kingdom.

For example, dominant male mice, are known to leave drops of urine in their territories, to establish dominance, and attract females.

Pheromones in animals can be secreted in a variety of ways, including their breath, sweat, urine, and other bodily fluids.

Do Humans Use Pheromones

There has long been great debate within the scientific community, as to whether or not humans can detect and secrete pheromones.

Animals are believed to detect pheromones using an organ known as the vomeronasal, and this organ has now been in many adult humans and is located within the nose.

Examples of Human Pheromones?

A component found in male sweat known as androstadienone has been identified as a pheromone for women. When applied to a woman’s upper lip, studies have it to improve both their mood and focus!

And although there is little evidence to suggest so as of now, pheromones may also very well be present in other human bodily secretions such as urine, tears, and even se*man!

What Are Pheromone Perfumes?

Pheromone Perfumes and products claim to inspire sexual attraction in those who smell them. But are the claims of these perfume brands accurate? And is there any evidence for it?

Since the FDA does not regulate fragrances the way it does with food products, we do not yet know the exact ingredients that make up these viral products.

However, It is unlikely that the products contain actual human pheromones since extracting and mass-producing human substances such as sweat or tears would be extremely costly, and potentially unethical.

And even if the products did include pheromones, there is a good chance they were extracted from animals or plants, which of course would not be effective on humans!

Instead, many of these brands will use the various synthetic versions of human chemicals such as Androstenone, Aliphatic acids, Oxytocin, and other human chemicals believed to stimulate the vomeronasal system in our noses. 

And due to the lack of regulation, some pheromone products may even be lying about including any pheromone-related substances whatsoever! So, do these supposed pheromone perfumes really work? Or is buying a typical cologne more worth it?

Do Pheromone Perfumes Actually Work?

If you search for long enough across the viral TikTok trends or the popular videos on youtube, you will find many, who swear by the pheromone perfume’s magical effects, and those who claim it has even made passing-by strangers ask them out on dates!

But since many times influencer product reviews may be fake or exaggerated for monetary gain, do pheromone perfumes actually work?

Well, it depends on what we mean by ‘work’. Many of the most viral pheromone perfumes do indeed smell good with great customer reviews across the board.

One authentic review video by popular Youtuber Curly Scents, where she took to the streets of Boston and asked 15 random men to rate two of the most popular pheromone perfumes on the market; ‘Pure Instinct Original’, and ‘Pure Instinct Craze’.

By the end of the video (attached below), the two groups of men rated both perfumes an average of 8/10, but despite the overall positive reactions, it’s fair to say none of the men fell in love with the interviewer immediately!

But it’s not just us everyday folk who believe in the power of pheromone perfumes. Music Legend Elvis Presley and even modern day stars like Cillian Murphy and Jude Bellingham are all known to wear colognes for their pheromone effects.

Can Pheromone Perfumes Make People Fall In Love With You?

No, Pheromone perfumes are not able to make people fall in love with you. For the simple reason that many of these pheromone products do not use human pheromones.

But even for those that do, the effects would be too faint, and would not be strong enough to cause emotions that did not already exist.

According to Shawn Talbott Ph.D., a Biochemist, and founder of the world-famous Amare Global,

‘Pheromone perfumes do not create love at first sight, the way much of the advertising has suggested.’ “Pheromones are not a magical substance that causes people to be attracted to you, but rather signal a kind of compatibility,”

For those individuals that have already created a fondness between them, real pheromones can signal compatibility. The pheromone or body scents of your opposite sex partner are a naturally scented weapon to seduce your partner which is why many couples in deep love, enjoy the odor of each other’s clothes and even armpits!

But in this case, it is important to remember that your own natural pheromones will work a lot better than those bought in a bottle.

But fear not. Even though colognes that attract with pheromones may not actually exist, many modern scents like the Ultra Male or the Extreme Noir have been known to be formulated perfectly for the lady’s noses.

Benefits Of Pheromone Perfumes

So although pheromone perfumes are not able to create instant loving bonds, that doesn’t mean that these fragrances are without their benefits.

As we saw in the video a little earlier, pheromone products are often rated very highly, both by the market it’s aimed towards, as well as the opposite gender.

Pheromone perfumes can provide cheap and great-smelling alternatives to those willing to take a little risk in their next fragrance shop.

Lastly, human pheromones such as androstadienone, have already been shown to improve the mood and focus of women. Meaning that pheromone fragrances, with these specific synthetic formulas, may be able to replicate some of those feelings in those who smell them.


So to summarize, despite the wild claims of Pheromone fragrance brands, they are not magical potions, and do not create instant love bonds between strangers. But despite this, Pheromone perfumes still provide a great and cheap option to those that can find the right bottle.

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