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Written By: Ahmed Farah
Reviewed By: Lisa Basso
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CologneKingdom Rating★★★★
Top NotesBergamot, Pear, Lavender, Mint
Middle NotesCinnamon, Clary Sage
Base NotesVanilla
Scent Score★★★★
Scent in Three WordsFresh, Fruity, Masculine
Price Value★★★
Fragrantica Rating4.4/5 (10,000+ votes)
Amazon Rating4.0=5/5 (1,000+ reviews)
Lasts8-10 hours
Best SuitedSocial Events/Evening
Fresh, fruity openingPerformance varies on skin chemistry
Strong but not overwhelmingNot great for casual
Great for attracting the ladiesBetter uniqueness available

Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier gets an overall 4/5 star rating from me. I find this scent delivers excellent performance, with its fresh pear and citrus opening keeping me smelling great for 8-10 hours. While the fruity sweetness may not suit all tastes, Ultra Male provides a strong yet smooth scent projection. For its affordable price of $50-80, it remains a popular everyday option.

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My First Impression

When I first got my hands on the Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, I was excited to experience it, having heard so much about this popular oriental vanilla men’s fragrance.

As I unboxed it, I couldn’t help but appreciate the iconic torso-shaped bottle that Gaultier fragrances are known for.

But what piqued my interest even more was the anticipation of the scent itself. Would it live up to the hype? Would it suit my personal taste?

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Upon the first spray, I was greeted with a powerful and unique combination of fruity and spicy notes. According to the official scent profile, here’s what I encountered:

  • Top Notes: Pear, Mint, Bergamot, and Lavender
  • Mid Notes: Cinnamon, Clary Sage, and Caraway
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Cedar, and Patchouli

The prominent pear and mint notes caught my attention right away, making for an invigorating and fresh start.

As it settled on my skin, the cinnamon and lavender added an element of warmth, giving it a perfect balance between sweet and spicy, a little like the Khamrah Lataffa.

I was also grateful that the powdery aspect some people experience with Ultra Male didn’t bother me. It was subtle enough not to overshadow the rich and complex blend of scents.

Scent Details

Packaging and Bottle Design

The Ultra Male Jean Paul Gaultier packaging is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. The tin canister features the iconic “torso” shape, with the unique Ultra Male sailor stripes. The glass bottle within mirrors the canister shape and displays the same sailor stripes. A touch of elegance is added by the shiny silver cap.

Interestingly, the bottle did feel a little more metallic than I thought it would, and after dropping just once, there seemed to be a few scars, but overall a really nice addition to the cologne shelf.

Similar Colognes

While Ultra Male is distinctive, a few other colognes share similarities. Here are some worth mentioning:

  • Paco Rabanne 1 Million – This fragrance also features sweet and spicy notes, making it a comparably bold choice.
  • Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male – Obviously the original counterpart of Ultra Male, Le Male shares some attributes, such as the iconic bottle design and lavender note. However, its scent is more oriented towards classic freshness.

Vibe: When to Wear

As for when to wear Ultra Male, I find it most super good during cooler months like fall and winter. Its sweet, warm, and spicy qualities make it a great option for evening events or intimate gatherings, as it creates a cozy yet lively ambiance.

I could see the masculine aura of the fragrance making it a good choice for those late-night dates and outings.

Pre and post-purchase

Longevity and Power

From my personal experience, I found that the Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Eau de Toilette Intense has great longevity and power. I typically get 8-10 hours of wear-time from a single application, making it perfect for day-long events or evenings out. Its fruit-forward and gourmand scent really stands out in a crowd, which is something I genuinely appreciate.

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The bottle was on a black Friday sale, and I managed to get mine for just $50!

I’ve seen the price of Ultra Male vary quite a bit. Some retailers list it at around $100USD for a 75mL bottle. Although the price may seem steep, I think it’s worth considering given the quality and potency of the fragrance. Just keep an eye out online for deals and special offers, as you may be able to snag it for a better price.

Online Reviews

Now as much as I see myself as the greatest cologne reviewer to ever live, it is always important to get more than 1 opinion, and to double-check the opinions of others when it comes to fragrances, and Ultra Male is no exception.

Ultra Malet has received positive feedback on various platforms such as Reddit and Twitter;

SourceOverall Stars
Fragrantica4.5 stars from 2000 reviews
Amazon4.2 stars from 1342 reviews
Sephora4.1 stars from 100+ reviews

Things They Don’t Tell You

  1. Versatility: In my opinion, Ultra Male works well for both casual outings and more formal events. Its distinct aroma can make you stand out, but it’s not overpowering.
  2. Seasonality: While it’s suitable for year-round wear, Ultra Male shines during the colder months due to its warm, inviting scent.
  3. Projection: Some colognes require multiple applications to make an impact, but Ultra Male has a powerful presence. A few sprays go a long way, so don’t overdo it.
  4. Compliments: I’ve personally received several compliments when wearing this fragrance – a bonus not mentioned in most reviews!

In my experience, Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Eau de Toilette Intense is a fantastic fragrance that delivers on its promises. Its longevity, unique scent, and versatility make it a valuable addition to my collection.

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