What Cologne Did Elvis Wear? According to Priscilla Herself!

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Elvis Presley, the legendary King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, was not only celebrated for his music but also for his unique sense of style and swag. Surprisingly, despite his fame and fortune, Elvis had a preference for more affordable colognes, and instead looked for those that resonated with his personality. And although he wore a reported many throughout his illustrious career, three main colognes emerged as his favorites.

So I’ve spent the last few days researching Elvis’s life and career, and finding everything there is to know about Elvis’s world of fragrances.

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Old Spice

It was during one of Priscilla Presley’s touring shows entitled “Elvis & Me” that the revelation about Elvis’s choice of cologne came to light. While speaking to the show’s host, (who happened to be Bruce Springsteen’s longtime drummer)Priscilla revealed Old Spice was Elvis’s top choice.

And having tried This classic scent myself, there is no surprise as to why this 1930s release resonated with Elvis.

Known for its blend of spices and citrus, the fragrance quickly became synonymous with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, reflecting his timeless and confident aura.

Lenel for Men – A Touch of Elegance

Lenel for Men was another beloved fragrance in Elvis’s collection. This scent, Lenel for Men is a fragrance that captures the essence of refined masculinity. Its composition combines a blend of fresh and floral elements, creating a harmonious and balanced aroma, and adding a touch of sophistication to Elvis’s profile.

Despite his dynamic stage presence, Elvis was also known to appreciate the subtler and more elegant facets of fragrance.

BRUT 33 – Affordable and Timeless

Another budget-friendly favorite in Elvis’s collection was BRUT 33. This enduring cologne, with its blend of citrus, spice, and wood, perfectly complemented Elvis’s charismatic and energetic persona.

BRUT 33’s blend of citrus, spice, and wood also mirrors the multifaceted nature of Elvis’s character. The citrusy opening captures his vibrant energy and dynamic stage presence. The warm spiciness represents his magnetic charm and allure, drawing people in. The woodsy base notes reflect his enduring legacy and the lasting impact he left on the world of music and entertainment.

One of the defining features of BRUT 33 is its affordability, which aligned perfectly with Elvis’s values and the down-to-earth connection he maintained with his fans.

Unlike the famous fragrance faces in Hollywood today, Elvis’s love for the more affordable colognes means they are accessible to his wider fan base, further solidifying its association with the King.

Canoe by DANA, and Other Cologne favorites

Elvis’s career was iconic but also a long one as well, lasting decades. So it only makes sense that Elvis’s fragrance preferences extended beyond his top three choices.

Among his collection were fragrances like Canoe by Dana, and others like JOVAN MUSK OIL, and HAI KARATE, each featuring their unique scent profiles. These options reflected Elvis’s diverse taste in fragrances, catering to various moods and occasions.

Canoe by Dana was a very intriguing addition to Elvis’s collection. This fragrance offered a unique blend of sweet, powdery, and musky notes, creating a distinctive and memorable olfactory experience.

Elvis’s Favorite Aftershave

In addition to colognes, Elvis was known to appreciate the finishing touch of aftershave. Some of the aftershaves associated with him include Mennen Skin Bracer and Aqua Velva, which further reinforced his penchant for timeless and classic scents.

Elvis’s Favorite Notes

Elvis’s fragrance choices were often guided by specific notes that resonated with his personality.

  • Bergamot: This citrusy note exudes a fresh and uplifting aura. It’s associated with confidence and charisma, which align perfectly with Elvis’s stage presence. The invigorating burst of bergamot in his chosen fragrances likely added an extra layer of energy to his overall image.
  • Jasmine: Jasmine is known for its sweet, floral, and slightly exotic aroma. Its sensual and captivating qualities would have complemented Elvis’s allure, enhancing his charismatic and charming persona. The hint of jasmine in his scents likely contributed to his memorable and magnetic appeal.
  • Patchouli: Patchouli brings a warm, earthy, and slightly woody essence to fragrances. This note exudes a sense of comfort and nostalgia, qualities that might have resonated with Elvis’s desire to create a connection with his audience. The touch of patchouli in his chosen colognes could have contributed to his approachable and relatable image.
  • Citrus: The inclusion of citrus notes adds a zesty and vibrant dimension to fragrances. Citrus is associated with energy, positivity, and enthusiasm, which mirror Elvis’s vibrant personality. The addition of citrus elements likely enhanced the vivacity of his preferred scents.

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In conclusion, I’ve found Elvis Presley’s selection of affordable colognes reveals a multifaceted personality with diverse olfactory preferences. From the classic allure of Old Spice to the elegance of Lenel for Men and the enduring appeal of BRUT 33, these fragrances remain an essential part of Elvis’s enduring legacy. The specific notes he favored shed light on his character and the scents that resonated with his dynamic persona.

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