Burberry Hero Eau de Toilette Review: Worth the Purchase?

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Overall Rating★★★★
Top NotesBerries, Plum
Middle NotesFloral, Tobacco
Base NotesCedarwood, Musk
Scent Score★★★★
Scent in Three WordsDark, Seductive, Woody
Amazon Rating4.2/5 (3,254 ratings)
Fragrantica Score4.1/5 (2,567 votes)
Price Value★★★
Lasts8-10 hours
Best SuitedEvening
Masculine and Comfortable Woody ScentNot for Winter
Great for WorkAverage Sillage
Versatile for Spring and SummerA Little Overpriced for Quality

Our experience with Burberry Hero proved pleasant; a comfortable woody spring scent with impressive longevity, seamlessly complementing work vibes as a perfect signature without being overbearing. Minor drawbacks include average sillage and price, likely due to prestige. Regardless, it captures modern masculinity versatility for occasions, though not ideal for winter due to lack of potency. An overall fantastic addition, if searching for a professional yet intimate scent, Burberry Hero may be right.

The world of men’s fragrances is vast, and finding the perfect scent can be a challenging task. When we first stumbled upon the Burberry Hero EDT cologne, we were intrigued by its bold claim as a modern, masculine scent, reminiscent of a synergistic blend of citrus and woody notes that could make it ideal for professional settings.

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Story of Burberry Hero

At the heart of Burberry lies a rich history, with its roots tracing back to 1856. This British luxury fashion house has always been dedicated to craftsmanship and innovation. With Riccardo Tisci as the Chief Creative Officer, the direction they’re heading toward is redefining modern masculinity.

Innovation took center stage with the release of Burberry Hero. Collaborating with perfumer Aurélien Guichard, the creative minds at Burberry achieved a signature scent that champions masculinity while breaking away from traditional stereotypes. Their journey led to over 100 formulas before arriving at the final blend we have come to know as Hero.

So how good is the Cologne really?

First Impressions

Bottle and Packaging

Upon receiving it, we were impressed with the presentation. The sleek black box it came in gave off an air of sophistication, and when we took out the bottle, we were rather pleased with its design: modern and masculine with a touch of elegance.

The 100 ml bottle we got was well crafted, with a combination of curved and sharp lines that embody the fragrance’s identity. And similar to the slightly more affordable Burberry Touch, It fit comfortably well in our hands and felt easy to use. However, we must remember that the most important thing is the scent, and we couldn’t wait to give it a shot.



When we first applied Burberry Hero, we immediately noticed the bright and invigorating bergamot top note. It provided a fresh and uplifting opening to the fragrance, reminding us of a citrus grove in full bloom. This zesty introduction made us feel energized and ready for the day ahead, perfect for an early morning walk or a daytime event.


As the initial citrus scent started to dissipate, we became enveloped in the middle notes of juniper and black pepper. This combination created a spicy, yet subtly sweet aroma that felt intriguing and alluring. It reminded us of other contemporary fragrances, like Earl Grey tea with its perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness. The versatile middle notes make Burberry Hero suitable for a variety of settings, from a busy day at the office to a relaxed evening out with friends.

  • Key middle notes:
    • Juniper
    • Black Pepper


Finally, the fragrance evolved into its woody base, which was composed of Atlas Cedar, Virginian Cedar, and Himalayan Cedar. This trio of cedar notes anchored the scent with a masculine, grounded, and warm presence. We appreciated that the cedar was not overpowering, but instead provided a cozy and comforting trail that lasted throughout our day. Although not ideal for cold winter months due to its moderate longevity, the soft woodsiness made it a great choice for the other seasons.

  • Base note breakdown:
    • Atlas Cedar – Earthy and robust
    • Virginian Cedar – Slightly sweeter with hints of amber
    • Himalayan Cedar – Delicate and refined

Overall, we felt that Burberry Hero is an impressive new addition to their fragrance lineup. Its masculine, comfortable woody scent is versatile and perfect for the modern professional looking for a great signature fragrance with an intimate sillage. Be aware that it’s a bit on the pricey side, so you may be paying for the brand as well as the bottle. But overall, it’s a solid choice and we’re happy to give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.



We tried on the Burberry Hero scent around 9 am and noticed it started to fade around 5 pm. During this time, we went about our usual day, which included some light walking and routine activities. The long-lasting nature of this fragrance is quite impressive and stands up to a full day of wear. It is a masculine and comfortable woody scent, making it versatile and perfect for the modern professional.

Burberry Hero Longevity:

  • Applied at 9 am
  • Started to fade around 5 pm
  • Activities in between: light walking, daily routine tasks


We’d like to share our experience with Burberry Hero’s sillage. A couple of our friends detected the scent when we wore it. The best part is that the intimate projection of this fragrance is not overbearing, making it an excellent choice for a signature scent. We applied 2 sprays, which seemed to provide the right balance of projection and intimacy. It has average sillage, so you might want to consider the environment you plan to wear it in.

Burberry Hero Sillage:

  • Detected by others
  • Projection: intimate
  • Number of sprays: 2

With all this in mind, we believe that Burberry Hero’s performance had a consistently good enough performance that was with the Burberry name.

Overall Assessment

Price Value

We found that Burberry Hero offers a comfortable, masculine woody scent suitable for a professional work vibe, making it quite versatile. This makes it a great signature scent for many individuals. However, we feel it’s slightly overpriced, which might be due to the brand and bottle itself.

For the around $ 80 price tag it’s currently going for, there may be more affordable Burberry options out there.


Despite the many positives, Burberry Hero does have some drawbacks. For one, it has average sillage, which may not meet everyone’s expectations. Additionally, it can feel a bit overpriced for some consumers, given that you’re not only paying for the scent but also for the brand itself.

Moreover, this fragrance might not be the ideal choice for winter months, as its potency may not stand up to cold weather. However, don’t let these minor negatives deter you from appreciating the overall quality and appeal of this modern, sophisticated scent. Just remember to keep its limitations in mind when making a purchase decision.

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