Burberry Touch for Man Review: Worth It?

Written By: Lisa Basso
Reviewed By: Ahmed Farah
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Overall Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐
Top NotesViolet, Mandarin
Middle NotesVirginia Cedarwood, White Pepper
Base NotesMusk, Tonka Bean
Online Rating
Price Value⭐⭐⭐⭐
Best ForDaytime/Office, Casual Wear
Sprays2-3 sprays
Cool blend of floral, woody, spicy, and musky notesNot ideal for Winter Wear
Clean, positive vibeReleased in 2000 so not a modern scent according to Basenotes
Super VersatileAverage sillage based on Amazon reviews

So, my initial impression of Burberry Touch for Men is quite positive. It’s a refreshing and energetic fragrance that exudes character without overpowering the wearer. Just keep in mind that it might not be the best choice for colder months, as its vibrant notes may not stand out in winter’s chill. Also, be prepared for a rather moderate sillage, making it suitable for everyday wear but not without re-applying. Overall, I give this fragrance 4 out of 5 stars and I would recommend it for those seeking a versatile and uplifting cologne at a decent price.

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First Impressions

Bottle and Packaging

I love it when the presentation of a fragrance is as pleasant as the scent itself. The Burberry Touch for Men bottle has a minimalistic design that perfectly fits its contents. The bottle is cylindrical in shape, with a rounded cap that feels very comfortable to hold in my hand. The packaging is also simple, featuring a clean white box with the signature Burberry check design on the sides.

I appreciate how the variegated colors of the packaging reflect the fragrance’s keynotes – a bright, positive vibe combined with a touch of masculine flair. I would rate the bottle and packaging 4 out of 5 stars, as they harmoniously blend with the fragrance experience.


Top Notes

You know that initial whiff you get when you first spray a cologne? That’s the top notes for you. With Burberry Touch for Men, I immediately sensed a fresh and invigorating blend of fruity and citrus scents. The type of scent you’d expect on a guy walking his dog in a Central London park on a Summers day.

Middle Notes

As the top notes began to fade, I started to notice the middle notes (or heart notes) emerge. The middle notes are where the fragrance really starts to show its true personality. In the case of Burberry Touch, I got a cool blend of floral, woody, and spicy elements. The specific middle notes are nutmeg, white pepper, and cedar. These notes brought warmth to the scent, making it an excellent choice for any occasion, be it a date or just heading out with friends.

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Dry Down/Base Notes

Finally, the fragrance journey reaches the dry-down stage for Burberry Touch, which contains tonka bean, vetiver, and white musk. The musky and woody tones give the scent its masculine charm while still maintaining its vibrant and positive vibe. I found the dry down to be particularly smooth, rounding off the fragrance experience on a high note.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Pros: Versatility, positive vibe, cool blend of floral, woody, spicy, and musky notes

Cons: Not ideal for winter

Despite its few cons, I really enjoyed wearing Burberry Touch for Men and found it to be a great balance between lively top notes, warm middle notes, and a smooth, masculine dry down. Although the scent is nothing ground-breaking, for a casual fragrance that helps you fit into almost anywhere, it’s practically perfect.

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Longevity (4 Stars/5)

When it comes to Burberry Touch for Men, I must say that the longevity impressed me. This cologne lasted a solid 6-8 hours on my skin, which is pretty good for a scent in this category. While it’s not the longest-lasting fragrance I’ve tried, it definitely holds up for an average day at work or a night out.

Short1-3 Hours
Average4-6 Hours
Long-lasting7+ Hours
*Burberry Touch falls into the “average” category in terms of longevity, which is still great for most occasions.

Power (3 Stars/5)

Honestly, I wouldn’t say that Burberry Touch for Men is the most powerful fragrance out there. However, I actually see this as a pro. It’s got a moderate sillage that won’t overwhelm others around you, making it a versatile option for a variety of settings. It’s the kind of scent that leaves a pleasant impression without being too in-your-face about it.

  • Power scale: 1 (Light) to 5 (Strong)
  • Burberry Touch Rating: 3

Price Value (5 Stars/5)

After using Burberry Touch for Men, I must emphasize that it’s truly a great value for the price. Considering I managed to steal it for 60 bucks at Sephora, its versatility, pleasant aroma, and performance, makes it absolutely worth the investment. I’m thoroughly pleased with how well it fits into my daily routine, and I would definitely repurchase it in the future.

Here’s a quick price comparison:

  1. Burberry Touch for Men: $$ (Great value!)
  2. High-end alternative: $$$$
  3. Budget alternative: $

What You Need To Know

So, you’ve decided to go ahead and buy this underrated cologne, but before you do, here are some things you really need to know, to know its the right bottle for you.

Where To Wear It

Burberry Touch is a really casual scent, making it perfect for various occasions – whether it’s running errands, hanging out with friends, or going on date night. Its upbeat and positive vibe makes it suitable for daytime events and even lends a nice touch to casual evenings. However, I would say it’s not the ideal cologne for colder months or winter, when you need something heavier and warmer to cut through the chilly air.

How Many Sprays Needed

In my experience, the secret to making this cologne work wonders is getting the right number of sprays. Here’s what I found works best for different situations:

  1. Casual daytime wear: 2 sprays
  2. Office or work environment: 3 sprays
  3. Evening events or date nights: 4 sprays

Remember, though, that each person’s body chemistry might react differently, so it’s always good to start with fewer sprays and adjust according to your preferences.

Its also right for me to point out, that I’m a big believer in moisturizing my skin before applying perfume, which has been shown to increase longevity. To find out other hacks for making your bottle last longer, check out our previous article here!


Alright, so Burberry Touch for Men is a pretty fantastic fragrance, but let me tell you, no scent is perfect, and it’s only fair to touch upon a few downsides.

  • One thing I noticed is that it’s not exactly the ideal fragrance for winter. You see, Burberry Touch for Men has a versatility that caters to a variety of occasions, thanks to its cool blend of floral, woody, spicy, and musky notes. However, when the temperatures drop, you may find it somewhat lacking. It just doesn’t have that warm, cozy quality that some other winter fragrances possess. Instead, I find it better suited for spring, summer, and maybe even early autumn.
  • Another issue I’ve experienced is the average sillage. You know that feeling when you walk past someone, and their fragrance lingers in the air, making their presence known? Well, with Burberry Touch for Men, that effect is somewhat muted. I mean, it’s still pleasant and all, but the fragrance stays a bit closer to the skin, which might be disappointing to those who prefer a stronger projection.

To sum up the negatives:

  • Not ideal for winter
  • Average sillage

Similar Colognes

Now, I’m always on the hunt for fragrances that share a similar vibe or scent profile to my favorites. In this case, I’ve been exploring options that give off a similar aura to Burberry Touch for Men.

So, let’s dive into some colognes I’ve found that you might enjoy if you’re a fan of Burberry Touch for Men:

  1. Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men: This cologne shares a similar woody and spicy scent profile with Burberry Touch, but it also offers a touch of amber and tobacco to make it a bit warmer. Perfect for someone who wants a slight twist on the familiar Touch scent.
  2. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme: Another cologne that echoes the floral and spicy notes found in Burberry Touch. Gucci Guilty adds in some leather and patchouli, giving it a more assertive character while still maintaining that versatile wearability we all love.
  3. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme: Like Burberry Touch, this cologne has a pleasant and uplifting vibe thanks to its blend of floral and woody notes. With the addition of ginger and vetiver in the mix, L’Homme offers an extra layer of sophistication and depth.

Here’s a quick comparison table of these three colognes, showing some key aspects you might consider when choosing your next fragrance:

CologneScent ProfileIdeal SeasonSillage
D&G The OneWoody, Spicy, Amber, TobaccoFall, SpringModerate
Gucci GuiltyFloral, Spicy, Leather, PatchouliAll yearModerate
YSL L’HommeFloral, Woody, Ginger, VetiverSpring, SummerModerate

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