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Burberry cologne has always struck a chord with me. Its distinctive fragrances embody a blend of tradition and modernity that’s hard to ignore. Whether I need a touch of class for a night out or a subtle scent for daily wear, Burberry’s range never disappoints. I once read that scent is the strongest tie to memory, and these colognes prove that point; a whiff can take you back to moments of success, comfort, and confidence.

Selecting the best Burberry cologne is personal, yet there are a few that consistently stand out. After sampling many from their collection, I’ve honed in on scents that not only match various moods and settings but also garner appreciative nods and inquiries – “What are you wearing?” Now, wouldn’t you like to be the one turning heads with a scent that speaks volumes about your style?

Remember, a cologne can say a lot about a man, and with Burberry, the message is always clear: you’re about sophistication without being aloof, accessible without being common.

Let me guide you through my top picks, articulated into concise reviews paired with straightforward ratings and a practical breakdown of what to expect. Say goodbye to being overwhelmed by options; you’re about to find your next signature scent.

Best Overall: Burberry Touch for Men

Have you ever walked past someone and thought, “Man, they smell amazing!”? Well, that’s Burberry for you. As someone who takes their scent seriously, I have to tip my hat to Burberry Touch for Men. It’s a real head-turner without being overbearing, striking that perfect chord of presence and subtlety. Now, let’s break it down.

The scent? It’s fresh, yet woody with a musky base – a surefire way to leave an impression. It’s versatile too; whether you’re suited up for a meeting or dressed down for a casual date, Burberry Touch is like that trustworthy wingman.

I hear you asking, “But does it last?” Yes, my friend. Yes, it does.

AspectRating (★ out of 5)
Sillage (Power)★★★☆☆
Online Review Ratings
Amazon: 4.3 (2,541 votes)
Fragrantica: 4.2 (3,761 votes)
Sephora: 4.5 (1,125 votes)

The proof is also in the pudding – or should I say cologne?


  • Fresh yet deep with a musky twist
  • Long-lasting aroma that gets you through the day
  • Non-overpowering sillage for a subtle presence
  • Versatile fragrance suitable for any occasion


  • The middle notes may fade quicker than you’d like
  • Sillage isn’t a beast mode; it’s more about sophistication

My verdict? Burberry Touch for Men isn’t just a cologne; it’s an experience, transforming an otherwise ordinary day into something extraordinary. And isn’t that what we’re all after? Click Here To Read Our Full Review Of The Product!

Second Best Overall: London For Men Burberry

Ever stumbled upon a scent that simply sticks with you? Well, I sure did with Burberry London. This cologne doesn’t just whisper masculinity; it proudly states it with a blend that’s hard to ignore. It’s the kind of scent that leaves an impression without trying too hard.

Longevity and Sillage
I’ve noticed it holds up well through a working day, surviving meetings and even happy hour. It’s got the perfect power level for those who want to be noticed when someone gets close, but not broadcast across the room.

AttributeRating (out of 5)

Online User Review Ratings

Amazon4.3/52,356 votes
Fragrantica4.3/51,298 votes
Sephora4.2/5875 votes

Pros and Cons

Everyone’s got their own taste, but here’s what I think tilts the scale with Brit Rhythm:

  • Pros:
    • Bold, yet not overpowering
    • The Scent of a Sophisticated Gentleman
    • Ideal for daily wear or a night out
    • Affordable for its quality
  • Cons:
    • Limited versatility through the seasons
    • The projection is not very long

This cologne has been my go-to when I’m looking to make a subtle statement. It feels just right – not too intense, not too mild. Have you ever found yourself hoping for a scent that’s as versatile as you? Brit London could be your wingman.

Third Best Overall: Brit For Men

Ever stumbled upon a scent that’s just the right mix of charm and sophistication? That’s Burberry Touch for Men for ya. One spritz and it’s like I’ve been whisked away to the English countryside—crisp, clean, with just the right touch of spice.

Performance Breakdown

AspectRating (out of 5)

User Review Ratings


I’ve read through tons of reviews, and boy, do fellas appreciate the long-lasting magic this cologne brings to the table. The subtlety? A hit with the ladies—it’s not overpowering, just naturally attracting a nudge-in closer during conversations.


  • Non-overwhelming, ideal for daily wear
  • Versatile scent from day to night
  • A harmonious blend appeals to a broad audience


  • Might be too subtle for those who prefer unique fragrances
  • Not the newest kid on the block, so it may not stand out for trend seekers

I’m telling ya, Burberry Brit For Men hits the sweet spot between modern and timeless. It’s that trusty wingman for when I need to exude quiet confidence, whether I’m at the office or on a date. The musky cedar base—it’s like a secret handshake to the olfactory senses, a nod to understated elegance. The Brit For Men commands attention without shouting, and isn’t that what sophistication is all about? If you’re gunning for a scent that’s going to have you smelling like a treat without stealing the spotlight, you’ve met your match.

Best for Work: Hero Burberry for Man Eau de Toilette

When selecting a cologne for the workplace, it’s crucial to find a scent that’s not overwhelming yet leaves a positive impression on colleagues and clients. From my collection, Burberry Hero for Men stands out as an ideal choice. It’s got a woody, clean aroma that’s suited for the modern professional. Subtlety is key in office settings, and Hero strikes the right balance between presence and restraint with its invigorating blend of floral and citrus notes.

Here’s the lowdown:

Longevity and Performance:

AspectRating (out of 5)

This one holds up quite well through a busy day—no need for a midday touch-up.

User Review Ratings:

Amazon4.2/52,500 votes
Fragrantica3.8/51,200 votes
Sephora4.0/5127 votes

From personal experience, the masses don’t lie – this cologne is a crowd-pleaser.

Pros and Cons:

Versatile for all seasonsNot the most unique scent
Subtle for office environmentCan be considered boring
Long-lasting throughout the workdayLimited sillage

I’ve worn it to meetings, and it subtly commands attention without being distracting—there’s no way you’re that ‘too much cologne’ guy with this on.

Burberry Hero is the office ally you never knew you needed. It’s like having a secret weapon up your sleeve that makes you feel confident and ready to tackle that 9-5 grind. Trust me, your cubicle mates will quietly thank you for choosing wisely!

Best Affordable: Mr Burberyy Indigo

Ever stumbled upon a scent that you just know will turn heads? That’s my daily routine when I spritz on the aromatic and charming Burberry’s best affordable cologne; Mr indigo. Trust me, I’ve made quite a few sidewalks my runway with this one. What makes it affordable yet irresistibly magnetic?

Longevity: Is it going to stay with you through your nine-to-five? You bet! Longevity is a solid 4 out of 5 stars. This cologne doesn’t quit, just like you.

Power: Will you leave a scented statement? Absolutely. With 4 out of 5 stars in power, you’re bound to make an impact.

Masculinity: Feeling like a confident gentleman? This cologne boasts a masculinity rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Enough to feel assertive, not overbearing.

Let’s peek at the user review ratings:


Now, what’s good and what’s not? Here are the pros and cons, straight from a guy who likes to keep it real.

+ Affordable luxury– Not as unique as niche fragrances
+ Versatile for any occasion– May be too subtle for some
+ Compliment getter– Limited edition; hard to find sometimes

I’ve gotten nods from colleagues and that “What are you wearing?” from the ladies at the coffee shop – a true testament to its allure. Wearing it feels like slipping into a tailored suit without the hefty price tag.

In short, this cologne offers the perfect blend of sophistication and wallet-friendly appeal. I’m telling you, spritz this on and the world feels like a different place. Want to make every day a bit more special? Give this Burberry charm a shot.

Personal Favorites

When it comes to Burberry colognes, we all have our go-to scents for different occasions. Let me take you through my personal favorites that not only have stayed with me through thick and thin but also turned heads and garnered compliments.

Best for Date Night: Hero Eau de Parfum

Burberry Hero EDP is my secret weapon for date night. It’s a sensual fragrance with notes of violet and mandarin that set the perfect mood for romance. It has that smooth, confident vibe that’s not too overpowering, just the way you want to come across when you’re close.

4/53/54/54.5 (2,000+ votes)4.2 (3,500+ votes)4.4 (750+ votes)


  • Subtle, yet distinct scent perfect for intimate settings
  • Good staying power; lasts through the evening


  • Might be too mild for those who prefer a stronger presence

If you’re debating whether to go for the Burebrry Hero Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette, don’t worry. We did a full comparison here.

Best for Summer: Brit Splash

Burberry Brit Splash has been my summer go-to for years. With its aquatic notes and a touch of rosemary, it’s like a cool, refreshing dip in the pool. It’s lightweight, making it ideal for those hot days when you need a quick, refreshing boost to keep you smelling crisp.

3/53/53/54.4 (1,500+ votes)3.9 (1,000+ votes)4.3 (300+ votes)


  • Fresh and clean aroma that’s perfect for hot weather
  • Non-offensive, suits various outdoor occasions


  • Longevity is moderate; may require re-application

Best for Winter: London For Men

I know we’ve spoken about it before, but there’s simply no cologne like Burberry London for Men to get me through winter. Its blend of spicy cinnamon and rich leather fits like a warm, stylish coat. It envelops you with warmth, making it the scent equivalent of sitting by a cozy fire with a glass of fine whiskey on a cold night.



  • Warm and inviting, a perfect match for cold days
  • Strong and lasting, it stays with you like a trusted wool scarf


  • Can be a bit heavy for those unaccustomed to bold scents

Best for School: Weekend For Men

For school, despite the hint of irony, I’ve always leaned towards Burberry Weekend For Men—it’s classic and versatile. Whether I was giving a presentation or just hanging out on campus, it radiated a comfortable, citrusy aroma that seemed to make a statement without trying too hard.

3/54/53/54.3 (3,000+ votes)3.9 (2,200+ votes)4.2 (500+ votes)


  • A reliable, everyday fragrance that’s not too strong for the classroom
  • Sophisticated and mature, it sets you apart from the typical fresh-out-of-gym scents
  • Great for Warmer Days


  • Not the most unique scent; it’s a safe choice that won’t turn heads


So that concludes our roundup of the very best Burberry has to offer. If you’ve enjoyed the article, please check out more of our reviews here, to help you find the best colognes around.

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