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Written By: Ahmed Farah
Reviewed By: Antoine Ashraf
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Overall Rating★★★★
Top NotesPlum, Berries
Middle NotesTobacco, Leather
Base NotesTonka Bean, Vanilla
Scent Score★★★★
Scent in Three WordsDark, Rich, Sensual
Price Value★★★★★
Lasts8-10 hours
Best SuitedEvening/Going Out
Complex, seductive scentNot Casual at all
Great performanceBasic Bottle Design
Cheaper version of Ultra Male

Afnan 9pm gets 4 out of 5 stars from me. This sensual niche cologne draws you in with notes of plum, tobacco, and dark florals that create an air of mystery. 9 pm offers unrivaled uniqueness and lasts well into the night on my skin. Its seductive air makes it my go-to for evening occasions when I want to leave an impression, but does mean it’s not great for a more casual morning wear.

The moment I first sprayed it on, I was taken aback by the sweet and spicy notes that somehow felt both comforting and exhilarating—perfect for those evenings when making an impression is paramount. It’s the kind of fragrance that has people leaning in closer, and that’s not just me bragging. Performance-wise, it’s a powerhouse with longevity, easily taking you through the night and well into the next morning. It’s almost like 9pm refuses to clock out!

Now, by now you’ve probably heard murmurs comparing it to Jean Paul Gaultier’s Ultra Male, and while they share a similar vibe, Afnan 9pm stands on its own with unique touches that set it apart.

It’s a testament to Afnan’s craftsmanship and adds a distinct charm to any perfume lover’s collection. Sticking to the meat of the matter, if you’re after a fragrance that elevates your evening game and lasts longer than your night out—9pm might just be your match. Trust me, it’s one decision you won’t have to sleep on.

First Experience

Finding a new signature evening fragrance can be an exciting journey, and the Afnan 9 pm offers an alluring start. From the packaging to its scent profile, let’s unbox my first encounter with this enchanting fragrance.

Bottle and Packaging

Right off the bat, the unboxing of Afnan 9pm is a pleasant surprise. The bottle design speaks volumes about the quality Afnan Perfumes invests in its products. It’s sturdy and has a masculine elegance that feels good in my hands. The packaging doesn’t overdo it; it’s classy with an edge, hinting at the aromatic adventure waiting inside. However, for those who like the more intrinsic and unique bottle designs, its clear why they might find it a little bland.

And while I’ve also heard many people complain about the size of the bottle, the size of mine seemed pretty natural for a 100ml eau de parfum!


Upon the first spritz, the aroma envelops you in a cloud of sweet vanilla and fruity notes. The initial burst is reminiscent of a lavish dessert, not too overpowering but certainly present. As I ponder its layers, I detect hints of apple and subtle citrusy undertones, a little like Hawas Rasasi, which then settles into a comforting mix of tonka bean, cinnamon, and a whiff of lavender—a complex yet delightfully approachable scent.

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Afnan 9pm, for me, exudes a confident yet relaxed vibe. It fits snugly into the cool evenings of fall and winter where its warmth can truly shine. This fragrance embodies those leisurely nights out, where my aim is to leave a lasting impression without saying a word. It’s a masculine fragrance without being aggressive, making it a versatile companion for many social occasions.

Ultra Male Similarity

Jokes aside, if Jean Paul Gaultier’s Ultra Male had a cheaper doppelganger, Afnan 9pm would be a contender. There’s a fascinating similarity in the sweetness, largely attributed to the vanilla and cinnamon. However, 9pm stands its ground with a unique twist that makes it more than just an imitation of JPG Ultra Male—it’s like the original’s laid-back cousin, wearing the familiar bubblegum-esque vibe with a nonchalant flair.

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When I first got my hands on Afnan 9pm, the question at the top of my list was, “Can this thing really hang with the big players all day?” I mean, we’ve all heard the promises, but does it deliver? I quickly learned that this cologne isn’t just talk; its performance is serious business.


My experience with 9pm’s longevity is nothing short of impressive. Here’s the rundown:

  • Initial Spray: The scent lands with confidence.
  • After 4 Hours: Still going strong without any signs of fading.
  • 12 Hours Later: A subtle hint lingers on my skin, a reminder of the day’s scent story.

That’s right. Even after a full workday followed by an evening out, 9pm stayed with me, maintaining a presence that was undeniable. It’s not every fragrance that can claim a solid 12-hour timeline, but this one does it with ease.


Now, let’s talk sillage. You know, that trail of scent left lingering in the air:

  • First Hour: I walk into a room, and 9pm announces my arrival before I can shake a hand.
  • Midday Check-in: Passing by colleagues, the nods and smiles say it all – they can smell the quality.
  • End of Day: Close conversations still catch the remnants of my morning routine.

There’s a strength in 9pm’s projection that garners compliments without being overwhelming. It’s like this cologne knows how to hit the right notes at just the right volume. It’s one to wear when making a statement is the game plan, and believe me, it plays to win.


In my time exploring colognes, price has always been a make-or-break factor. When I stumbled upon Afnan 9pm, the value proposition really caught my attention.

Worth It?

As someone who’s always on the hunt for a good deal, I want to share my take on Afnan 9pm’s affordability. Let me break down its cost:

  • Online Pricing: While browsing, I noticed you could snag a 3.4-ounce bottle for around $29.90. That price point seems quite reasonable, especially given the size of the bottle.
  • Value for Money: Weighing the cost against the experience, I’d say Afnan 9pm offers a solid bang for your buck. It’s not every day you find a scent that delivers without breaking the bank.
  • Blind Buy: Taking a blind buy into account, my experience suggests it’s a risk that can pay off with this fragrance. It’s got enough complexity and appeal to be a safe bet, especially if you’re into sweet, fruity notes blended with powdery vanilla.

On sites like Amazon, the ease of purchase and the fast shipping also add to the value—no need to hunt through rare specialty stores or wait forever for delivery. Overall, Afnan 9pm sits at a price point that’s affordable without skimping on the scent experience.

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When I first got my hands on Afnan’s 9 pm, let’s just say I was skeptical. Could a relatively new fragrance stand up to my discerning nose accustomed to classics and high-end scents? But boy, this one turned out to be a hidden gem in my collection.

What caught my eye first?

  • The packaging: Sleek design, definitely shelf-worthy.
  • Initial thoughts: Upon the first spritz, I was greeted with a sweet, almost seductive apple-vanilla combo that I couldn’t help but appreciate.

So, did it live up to the evening allure its name suggests? Absolutely. The amber and vanilla foundation lends a warmth perfect for those cooler nights out, while the fruity notes keep it from feeling too heavy. It’s like that perfect fall evening — cool, comfortable, and full of potential.

Here’s what’s impressive:

  • The longevity is solid; my skin held onto it for a good 10 hours, which is rare for something so affordable.
  • Sillage? You’ll be noticed without overwhelming the room.

I’ve been through a lot of colognes, and I’ve got to admit, not all conversations around new scents end well, but with Afnan 9pm, I’ve only had people lean in closer. It’s a pleasing scent that walks the line between comfort and a little bit of mystery.

Now, for the real talk — it’s not a game-changer, but does it need to be? For those venturing into nicer colognes without breaking the bank, it’s a no-brainer. Would I recommend tweaking the formula? Not really. I’d rather they keep this comforting fragrance just as it is — like a good night’s rest encapsulated in a bottle.

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