How To Store Cologne? 16 Tips From the Experts!

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How To Store Cologne? 16 Tips From the Experts!

Store your cologne in a cool, dark, and dry spot. Shield it from light, temperature shifts, and humidity, as these can all badly disturb its scent. Places like drawers, low shelves, and fridges make great spots to store your cologne.

So many of us have been there. Spending hours researching and finding your perfect scent, spending your hard-earned money to get it, all for it to go bad due to poor storage.

It’s a pain none of my followers deserve, and so after consulting with industry experts and a few days (hours) of excessive research, I’ve gathered a wealth of tips and tricks to keep your cologne smelling fantastic for years to come.

How To Store Cologne

Dark Place

Keep your cologne in a dark place, away from direct sunlight. Light exposure can alter the scent and degrade the quality of your cologne over time. So think of Sunlight as your cologne’s kryptonite. Avoid leaving it in places like the window sill or on a sunlit dresser.

Dry Place

Moisture is another enemy of your cologne. Store it in a dry environment to prevent the liquid from breaking down and spoiling the scent. Leaving your cologne bottle in a wet place for just a few days can mean having to throw away the bottle!

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Keep the Temperature Constant

Fluctuating temperatures can cause the cologne’s volatile compounds to expand and contract, which can alter the scent and potentially even damage the delicate chemical balance. Maintain a consistent temperature to preserve the original fragrance.

Say No to the Bathroom

For a lot of us, the bathroom might seem a super convenient place to put our colognes. Spraying some on, the moment we finish out morning grooming, but remember, cologne is not aftershave.

The bathroom is not an ideal place for cologne storage, due to its varying temperature and humidity levels. These sudden changes can accelerate the breakdown of the fragrance’s compounds, leading to a much shorter shelf life for your cologne.

Keep the Bottle Closed

A very common mistake I’ve seen many cologne owners make is to be super casual about their fragrance bottles being opened or closed.

Leaving the cologne bottle uncapped exposes it to oxygen, which can lead to oxidation. This chemical process can change the fragrance’s scent and weaken its intensity. So always ensure the bottle is tightly closed when not in use.

Keep in Original Packaging

The outer packaging of a new cologne is often the most boring part of the cologne’s presentation. And many of us just seamlessly rip open the box and throw it in the trash without a second thought. But there are reasons why keeping the cologne box could be a good idea.

The original packaging is designed to protect cologne from light exposure. If possible, store the bottle in its box, as it acts as an additional barrier against external elements that would badly affect the fragrance.

Store your Cologne in the Fridge!

Storing cologne in the fridge helps maintain a stable temperature and protects it from exposure to natural light.

But please don’t make the common mistake of storing your bottle of cologne in excessively cold temperatures, because this can harm the fragrance as well.

For the best results, it’s recommended to store colognes within a temperature range of at least -80°C (-112°F) to a maximum of 29°C (85°F) on average.

Don’t Shake

Refrain from storing cologne in places with constant movement, such as a car or bag. Movement can lead to agitation within the liquid and potentially alter its scent profile.

Avoid High Places

If you’re anything like me and are known for having butter fingers, avoid storing your cologne in high shelves to avoid accidental breakage.

A fall from a significant height can result in a shattered bottle, leading to both a loss of fragrance and a strong-smelling mess to clean up.

Avoid Outdoor Storage

Unfortunately quite common these days, but please avoid outdoor storage for your cologne.

Keeping your cologne bottle outside exposes it to so many of its worst enemies, including varying temperatures and direct sunlight. These conditions can degrade the fragrance’s quality and alter its scent for the worse.

Use a Vessel for Travel

When traveling, consider spraying a small amount of cologne into a travel-sized vessel container. This allows you to take a flight-friendly amount of cologne for your travels while avoiding putting your larger bottle in the harsh conditions of transit.

Travel vessels are also great because they are often times recyclable, unlike traditional cologne sample storage.

Check the Lifespan of your Fragrance

Each cologne has a specific shelf life. And sometimes your cologne might not be performing well due to it being expiry, instead of any poor storage.

Quickly search up the expected duration of your chosen fragrance to know when it’s time to replace it due to age rather than poor storage conditions.

Keep Away from Kids

This tip is more for the safety of your loved ones than your bottle, but store your cologne out of reach of children. Fragrance bottles can be attractive to young explorers, and accidental spillage could lead to skin irritation.

Airtight Containers

Consider using airtight bags or containers for your more expensive bottles. While this might seem slightly over the top, it can significantly extend the fragrance’s lifespan.

Keep the Cap On

Always keep the cap tightly secured on the bottle. This prevents oxygen exposure, which can alter the fragrance, and also maintains the overall appearance of the bottle.

Store Your Colognes Together

There’s no worse feeling than immediately losing your favorite bottle of cologne just as you’re about to head out.

Organize your colognes in one designated spot. This not only helps prevent misplacing bottles but also keeps them away from potentially harmful storage conditions.

Where Should You Store Cologne?

The best places to store your cologne are those that are cool, dark, and dry. Areas with consistent temperature, minimal light exposure, and controlled humidity, such as drawers, low shelves, or even a dedicated cupboard, are all excellent choices.

Can You Keep Cologne in a Hot Car?

Storing cologne in a hot car is not recommended due to the frequent temperature changes, high levels of heat, and constant movement. High temperatures can cause the fragrance to degrade quickly. And constantly moving areas like a car can cause the bottle to shake, which can disrupt the chemical balance of the bottle.

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Can You Keep Cologne in Your Backpack?

For extended periods, it’s best to avoid storing cologne in a backpack due to the potential for movement and potential damage to the bottle. For short trips, consider using a travel-sized container to minimize risk.

However, according to some of our writers, colognes can do very well against ants and spiders. So for whatever reason you need to, that might make it a reason to leave some cologne in your backpack.


Proper cologne storage is essential for preserving its fragrance and quality. By adhering to these storage guidelines, you can ensure that your favorite scents remain as alluring as the day you acquired them. Remember, a little care goes a long way in maintaining the essence of your cherished colognes.

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