Dior Homme Sport 2021 Review: Tried and Tested

Written By: Ahmed Farah
Reviewed By: Lisa Basso
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Overall Rating★★★★☆
Top NotesLemon, Bergamot
Middle NotesElemi, Pink Pepper
Base NotesWoody, Amber
Scent Score★★★★☆
Scent in Three WordsCheerful, Masculine, Versatile
Fragrantica Rating4.3(7,800 votes)
Amazon Rating4.5 (5,400 votes)
Price Value★★★★☆
Lasts6-8 hours
Best SuitedSpring, Summer, Casual
Cheerful yet masculine vibeVery different from the original Dior Sport
Great versatility for everyday useMore casual than sporty
Great performanceNot ideal for winter

History of Dior Homme Sport 2021

Dior Homme Sport is a beloved fragrance line from the prestigious brand, Dior. The journey of Dior Homme Sport started in 2008, and several releases followed, leading up to the most recent iteration in 2021. This latest version was created by the renowned perfumer François Demachy, who aimed to deliver a fragrance that captivated both the sophisticated and athletic senses of the modern man.

Before the 2021 version, there were three earlier interpretations. Each release brought its own flair and became popular for different reasons. However, the latest 2021 edition significantly deviates in scent from its predecessors, becoming a more casual signature fragrance than a sports scent. As part of the Dior Sport collection, the goal was to maintain the line’s legacy while evolving to meet contemporary tastes.

So, without further-ado, let us see if they really achieved this.

First Impressions

Bottle and Packaging

As we opened the Dior Homme Sport 2021, we immediately felt that the packaging exuded a sense of luxury. The box itself was a neat and sleek design, hinting at the classiness of the fragrance within. Upon removing the bottle from its packaging, we were met with a visually striking container.

The bottle is made of glass, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication already inherent in Dior’s brand. Its shape, though classic in form, subtly incorporates a modern twist, reflecting the citrusy and woody notes of this cologne. The unique aspect of the design lies in its simple yet attractive silver accents found both on the cap and the logo, which can give the impression of masculinity.

In terms of the tactile experience, we appreciated the sturdy, solid feel of the bottle in our hands. It did not appear fragile or flimsy, providing confidence in the quality of the container and its contents. The metal cap also served as a functional element, ensuring the fragrance remains well-sealed and preserved, while the smooth glass exuded a feeling of quality craftsmanship.

The Dior Homme Sport packaging and bottle design certainly make a strong first impression, both in terms of their visual appeal and tactile elements. The combination of glass, metal, and sleek design elements creates a cool unboxing experience.

But of course, it’s the scent that matters most!


Top Notes

We noticed that the top notes of Dior Homme Sport are dominated by Lemon and Bergamot from Calabria. These citrusy scents give a vibrant and invigorating opening to the fragrance, perfect for capturing the cheerful essence of summertime. The inclusion of Aldehydes in the top notes adds a fresh and clean feel to the scent, making it suitable for both casual and slightly more formal occasions. We found these scents to be a great way to start the day as they invigorate and energize the senses.

Middle Notes

Moving on to the middle notes, we discovered the presence of Elemi and Pink Pepper. Elemi’s balsamic and slightly spicy character adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to the fragrance, contrasting nicely with the bright and uplifting citrus top notes. The Pink Pepper is an interesting choice, as it provides a subtle fruity and sweet nuance that complements the other notes beautifully. In terms of mood, the middle notes are where the scent takes on its masculine and yet still friendly character, making it a versatile option for various occasions.

Base Notes

Finally, the base notes of Dior Homme Sport consist of Woody Notes, Olibanum (also known as Frankincense) and Amber. The woody notes bring a sense of depth and class to the fragrance, grounding it and giving it a more mature and enduring quality. The Olibanum was feint, but added a slightly smoky and sexy aspect to the scent, while the Amber ensures a warm, sensual and comforting finish. We found that these base notes are what make us confidently say that this fragrance truly stand out as a masculine scent.

Despite being marketed as a sport fragrance, we feel that Dior Homme Sport has a more casual and day-to-day vibe to it. The scent is versatile and can be worn in different situations and seasons, but it may not be ideal for winter due to its brighter character. Overall, Dior Homme Sport Scent is a solid 4 stars out of 5, and the perfect choice for any modern man looking for a classy yet casual scent.

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From our experience, Dior Homme Sport showed impressive longevity. We applied the cologne in the morning around 9 AM and found that it lasted well into the evening, with the scent gradually fading around 10 PM. This lasting power makes it ideal for those looking for a fragrance that can take them from day to night.


In terms of sillage, Dior Homme Sport performs quite well. The projection was subtle yet noticeable, giving off a pleasant aura without being overpowering or intrusive. People around us made positive comments on the scent, and we were pleased with how it created a sense of presence.

We found that the cologne felt light on the skin, making it suitable for both skin and clothes application, but be sure to be careful when applying any perfume directly onto clothes.

Overall the performance of the Dior Homme Sport was strong. Not the greatest, but certainly in the upper half of recent fragrance releases. A few sprays in the morning will leave you with a moderate and lasting scent to keep you through the day.

Comparison and Value

Price Value

Compared to similar colognes on the market, the price of Dior Homme Sport is on the higher end. For example, the 4.25oz bottle costs around $130. However, we believe that the price is somewhat fair considering its positive qualities.

The cheerful and masculine vibe, along with its great performance and versatility, makes it suitable for everyday wear. Moreover, the scent is classy, refined, and effortlessly combines woody and citrus elements for a subtle yet unique fragrance.

Keep in mind that you might find discounted prices at select retailers, making it an even better value for your money.


Although Dior Homme Sport has many positives, there are a few negative aspects we should discuss. First, it differs significantly from the original Dior Sports line, losing some of its DNA, and becoming more casual than sporty.

Additionally, it may not be the best option for winter, as its bright and citrusy character might not hold up well in colder weather. However, for fans of the Dior Sports line and those seeking a modern and masculine cologne for everyday use, these negatives might not outweigh the many positive aspects this fragrance offers.

Despite these minor drawbacks, we give Dior Homme Sport a 4-star rating out of 5, making it a solid choice for a versatile and unique scent.

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