Dior Homme Intense Review: Tried and Tested

Written By: Ahmed Farah
Reviewed By: Lisa Basso
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Overall Rating★★★★☆
Top NotesIris, Lavender
Middle NotesMusk, Pear
Base NotesCedar
Scent Score★★★★★
Scent in Three WordsClassy, Masculine, Sexy
Amazon Rating4.6/5 (10,400 votes)
Fragrantica Rating4.5/5 (17,000 votes)
Price Value★★★★☆
Lasts8-12 hours
Best SuitedEvening, Winter
Classy and elegant scentAverage sillage
Perfect for winter and eveningsNot ideal for summer
Great LongevityMay be too intense for some

Dior Homme Intense is a highly sought-after fragrance in the world of men’s perfumery. This captivating eau de parfum presents an elegant and sophisticated scent, perfectly suited for the modern man who appreciates style and substance in his signature scents. Deftly combining elements of class and masculinity, this designer fragrance evokes a sense of heroism and self-discovery in every spritz.

This woody floral musk fragrance has much to offer, making it a top choice for many. With its incredible high-class and elegant profile, Dior Homme Intense excels in colder weather and cooler evenings, providing an air of refinement and charm. Its longevity ranks high on the list of its stellar features, ensuring your scent lingers and captivates those in your presence throughout the evening. However, it’s worth noting that Dior Homme Intense might not be the best pick for summertime or introverts, as its intensity can become overwhelming during warmer months or for those who prefer subtlety in their fragrances.

In terms of its performance, Dior Homme Intense strikes a balance that appeals to many. As a masculine, classy, and sophisticated scent, it has a magnetic pull, drawing in the ladies and making it an ideal option for evening wear. Whether attending a special event or seeking a new signature scent, this eau de parfum demonstrates the perfect mix of heroism and modernity.

Story of Dior Homme Intense

We will never forget when Dior Homme Intense was launched back in 2011, becoming a significant milestone in the fragrance world. Crafted by the talented perfumer, François Demachy, Dior Homme Intense (DHI) boasted an elegant profile that quickly earned it praise from fragrance enthusiasts.

This iconic fragrance made its first successful debut in 2007 as a sort of flanker to the original Dior’s Homme which was released two years prior. The scent no doubt became a signature scent for many. And is today worn by popular figures like actor Ryan Gosling and soccer sensation Kylian Mbappe.

First Impressions

Bottle and Packaging

When we first laid eyes on the Dior Homme Intense bottle, we couldn’t help but admire its elegance and sophistication. The bottle features a clean, cylindrical shape with a minimalist design, exuding a sense of luxury and exclusivity. The silver cap adds a touch of modernity and perfectly complements the dark, mysterious juice inside.

The package itself did seem a little basic for such a popular release. With just a grey illuminated box with the branding slapped in the middle, although not the most important element, we have seen a lot more interesting designs for packaging than what the Homme Intense provided.

But nonetheless, its the scent that counts the most!


When it comes to the scent of Dior Homme Intense, it’s a truly captivating and elegant experience. This woody floral musk fragrance embodies the essence of modern masculinity and sophistication, making it perfect for attracting the ladies and as a signature scent, especially for evenings. Let’s delve into its specific notes to better understand its allure.

Top Notes

Upon the initial spray, we are greeted with a lovely combination of iris and violet, giving the fragrance a powdery and earthy opening. These notes are spot on for creating a high-class and refined impression, setting the stage for the sophisticated experience that is to follow. However, it’s important to note that this scent might not be the best choice for the hot summer days, as it can become too overwhelming in the heat.

Middle Notes

As the scent begins to settle, we find ourselves enticed by the aromatic and floral heart of the fragrance. The presence of iris becomes even more vibrant, contributing to the classic powdery feel that makes this scent unique. These middle notes contribute to the overall allure of Dior Homme Intense, making it a fantastic option for cool evenings when you want to make a lasting impression.

Base Notes

Finally, in the base of Dior Homme Intense, we have the warm and woody notes, grounding the fragrance in a comforting and full-bodied finish. These earthy undertones give the scent its long-lasting appeal and robustness, ensuring that it will linger on your skin for hours.

The woody notes that the scent ends on provides that lasting masculine scent that you can confidently and comfortably carry around for hours in the day.

Note TypeNotes
Top NotesIris, Lavender
Middle NotesMusk, Pear
Base NotesCedar, Vetiver


We recently had the opportunity to try out Dior Homme Intense, and in this section, we’ll discuss its performance, focusing on its longevity and sillage.


From our experience, Dior Homme Intense displayed impressive lasting power, persisting for almost up to 11 hours on our skin. We applied the cologne in the morning, and even after a long day, we could still appreciate its sophisticated fragrance.

And although our experiment was just a sample of one, many people on the internet often quote the Dior Homme intense least for around 9 to 10 hours! This eau de parfum’s longevity is perfect for a busy day or an evening out, making it a reliable and exquisite choice for any man.


As for the sillage, Dior Homme Intense’s scent radiates gracefully without overpowering those around us. During our experience, we received compliments on its elegant and unique aroma. It’s ideal for those who prefer a moderate projection without being too intrusive while still turning heads in a subtle manner.

Although Dior Homme Intense is a remarkable eau de parfum, it might not be the best option for warmer days, as it can feel too heavy or intense for the summer heat. Nonetheless, it’s truly remarkable during autumn and winter, adding that classy touch to our cold-weather ensembles. We noticed that the cologne works well on both skin and clothes, but we recommend applying it on the skin for a more intimate and personal connection to the fragrance.

In summary, Dior Homme Intense excels in the performance department with its exceptional longevity and moderate sillage. This eau de parfum is truly a sophisticated and classy option for any modern man, especially for those cold-weather outings and special occasions.

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Comparison and Value

Price Value

In terms of price, Dior Homme Intense offers a reasonable value for its quality. It’s an investment in a high class and elegant profile that showcases a woody floral musk fragrance. While it’s not the cheapest cologne on the market, we believe the scent’s blend of masculinity and sophistication justifies its price point. You can often find discounts at various discounters, making it accessible if you’re on a budget.

Great for:


Despite its many positive qualities, Dior Homme Intense is not perfect. For one, it’s a poor choice for summer, as its intense aroma, while delightful in cooler weather, can get a bit too sticky in the heat. If you’re looking for a more versatile cologne, you might want to explore other options for your summer scent.

Furthermore, Dior Homme Intense comes across as loud, making it slightly overwhelming for introverts who prefer something more subtle. Keep that in mind if you’re sensitive to strong fragrances or want a cologne that’s better suited for casual daytime wear.

Lastly, availability might be an issue for those located in certain parts of Asia and the Middle East. This limited distribution can be frustrating, but if you’re persistent, you may still be able to track down a bottle online or through specialty retailers.

Classy and elegant scentAverage sillage
Perfect for winter and eveningsNot ideal for summer
Great LongevityMay be too intense for some

Not the best for:

  • Summer season
  • Introverts or those who prefer subtle fragrances
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