Diesel Only The Brave Review: A Quick Breakdown of the Bold Scent

Written By: Ahmed Farah
Reviewed By: Lisa Basso
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Overall Rating★★★★
Top NotesLemon, Mandarin, Coriander
Middle NotesLabdanum, Violet, Rosemary
Base NotesAmber, Tolu Balsam, Cedar
Scent Score★★★★
Scent in Three WordsFresh, Citrusy, Casual
Price Value★★★
Lasts8-10 hours
Best SuitedDaytime

Only The Brave by Diesel gets 4 stars from me. It opens with a zesty burst of lemon and mandarin that puts a spring in my step. Though it dries down more woody, the citrus lingers in a pleasant way. While pricey for the performance, I find it a go-to for casual daytime wear thanks to the citrus notes. An overall great choice for a new signature scent!

Bright citrus openingProjection could be better
Versatile daytime scentShorter lasting on some

First Experience

Diesel Only The Brave is a bold foray into the landscape of men’s fragrances, offering a unique blend of notes that strive to encapsulate masculinity and confidence in a modern bottle design.

Why I Decided to Buy

I have always valued fragrances that make a statement, and my intrigue with Diesel Only The Brave sparked from its reputation as an embodiment of confidence, as well as personal recommendations. Its distinctive scent profile, coupled with Renzo Rosso’s vision behind the brand’s often edgy reputation, led to my decision to the bottle that promised to ‘resonate with modern masculinity‘.

And having brought a sample of this fragrance not too long ago, I decided to get the real thing and add to my collection to do a proper Cologne Kingdom review.

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Bottle and Packaging

The fist-shaped bottle of Diesel Only The Brave caught my eye with its audacious design and inherent suggestion of power. The packaging aligned seamlessly with the central theme of strength, with bold colors and a confident presentation that hinted at the fragrance’s leather notes, which are classic to men’s fragrances but reinvented in this modern concoction.


When I first encountered Diesel Only The Brave, the combination of bold and contrasting notes struck me; it’s a rich tapestry of citrus, woods, and a touch of sweetness that feels decidedly modern. Let’s break it down.

This scent captures a sort of duality; it’s both aromatic and powerful without overwhelming the senses. The way the bright and fruity top melts into a sweet, woody heart, and finally settles into a rich base—is sort of like a well-composed symphony. A really pleasant surprise to what I was initally expecting!

Top Note

  • Citrus: The vibrant opening of Mandarin Orange and Amalfi Lemon was unmistakably fresh to me, offering a real fruity and zesty introduction that was quite invigorating.

Middle Note

  • Woody & Floral: The heart features a pleasantly unexpected blend, with Violet lending a powdery floral aspect, while Coriander brings a slightly spicy edge. Together with Cedar, they form a woody, balanced core.

Base Note

  • Rich & Warm: Concluding the scent journey, the foundation is built on warm Amber, supple Leather, and Woods, enveloped by a hint of Musk and Styrax, adding depth and endurance to the fragrance.

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When it comes to Diesel Only The Brave, the primary factors you’ll want to know about are its longevity and sillage – how long it lasts and how well it projects.


Diesel Only The Brave is known to have a considerable lifespan. On average, the fragrance lingers for over 8 hours, which places it in the high-end range for an Eau de Toilette.

  • Lasting Power: 🌟🌟🌟🌟☆ (4/5)

An 8-hour duration is impressive, showing that this scent sticks around almost as long as a typical workday.


The projection of Diesel Only The Brave is also noteworthy. Initially, it creates a noticeable presence without being overwhelming.

  • Projection Strength: 🌟🌟🌟🌟☆ (4/5)

It’s the sort of scent that can turn heads without overpowering the room, achieving a good balance between perceptibility and subtlety.

Price Point

When I got my hands on Diesel’s Only The Brave, I was skeptical. I managed to grab the bottle while in London for just £40 ($50) on a Black Friday deal at Boots, which made me wonder, ‘Could a cologne at this price point deliver quality?’.

Now from my experiences with cheaper colognes, I have often been reminded that a Low price does not guarantee a mediocre scent, and so was expected something at least decent. And to my surprise, it did more than that.

My bottle has lasted quite a while, thanks to needing just a few sprays. The subtle yet masculine scent integrates perfectly into my daily routine, elevating my confidence without denting my wallet. It’s not every day you find a cologne that strikes a balance between cost and performance, making Only The Brave an impressive value for its price.


Now what type of review would this be if I didn’t give you some of the negatives as well? Some aspects of Diesel’s Only The Brave can be disappointing for fragrance enthusiasts. Although subjective, here’s a list of potential negatives I found:

  • Synthetic Overtones: The scent might feel too manufactured for some noses, lacking the organic depth found in niche perfumes.
  • Aggressive Sillage: It starts off strong, which can be off-putting in close encounters.
  • Aquatic Accord Saturation: The aquatic notes, while intending to add freshness, can give off a too-familiar ‘clean’ vibe that borders on commonplace.
  • Lack of Spicy Nuance: For admirers of spicy scents, the fragrance may fall flat, missing the warmth or kick often sought after in masculine fragrances.
  • Ethical Source Concerns: Upon my research, I struggled to find anything on the sourcing of materials for this product, and for a company this size, that was a little concerning.

To find colognes and perfumes more intact with environmental and ethical concerns, we would be best go for more niche options!

Social Media Buzz

On Social Media, the buzz does not lie; Only The Brave has a knack for getting attention. It’s been tagged as a compliment magnet, and rightly so. Scrolling through comments on Instagram and Twitter, it’s apparent that it resonates well within the fragrance community, especially among those who prefer a calming, yet not overly aggressive scent.

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